How to Add and Edit Surveys?

  1. Click the link to log in to your Gir-in account.Gir-in login screen
  2. After logging into your account, click on the location.Gir-in location screen
  3. Click on the survey report options as seen in the picture and click "Add Survey" from the opened section.Survey options
  4. Enter the survey name here and click "Submit".Add survey
  5. Click on the survey name to add survey questions.Surveys
  6. On this screen;
    1. You can add questions to the survey.
    2. You can take the survey active or passive.
    3. Anketi silebilirsin. 
    4. You can download QR code here
      Survey editing screen
  7. On this screen;
    1. Here you can add any question you want to the survey. Click "save" after adding.
    2. You can add specific answers for the survey question she prepared here.
    3. You can delete the question you don't want in the survey here.Edit a survey question
  8. Click "submit" after adding the answer you want.
  9. You have successfully created a survey and added the questions.