How to Add Employees?

  1. Click the link to log in to your Gir-in account.Gir-in login screen
  2. Click "Team" in the menu shown in the picture. Gir-in location screen
  3. Click "Add" as shown in the picture.  Gir-in employees screen
  4. In this window, fill in the information about the Team Member. 
    1. You can determine the team member's authority type here.  
    2. Here you can enter the location you added earlier.
    3. You can add a remote address for a team member.Gir-in employee addition screen
    4. You can also add team members in multiple ways here.Gir-in multi-tasking insert screen
  5. After filling in the required information, click "Save".
  6. You have successfully added your teammate.
  7. Employee login information will be sent to the employee email address you have added.