Cleaning Management

Mobile cleaning tracking

You can define cleaning tasks over the system and create QR codes for each location. Cleaning workers can enter the records of cleaning jobs and view the tasks assigned to them by scanning the QR codes in each location with their smart phones.

Archive in the cloud

You do not need processes such as filling in cleaning control charts, control and follow-up, wet signature, reporting, physical archiving. The data of the transactions are stored in the cloud.

Collect feedback

If you want to get the opinions of your customers/employees about cleaning services, you can conduct satisfaction surveys by reading the QR codes in each location with smart phones. Your feedback will be very valuable to you.

Hardware independent

Touch screen etc. for each area where cleaning service is provided. no hardware is required. All transactions are made through the mobile application by reading the QR codes. In this way, you will save a significant amount of hardware costs.

Detailed Reporting

You can report whenever you want, according to the cleaning staff you want, according to the location options you want.