Cloud Based QR Code Supported Access System

QR Kodlu Geçiş Sistemi

QR code based access systems are modular systems that facilitate entry/exit processes by using disposable QR codes.

Our application is a cloud-based QR code supported access management system developed to meet all your access needs.

QR codes provide a secure pass that is created online and provides one-time use. A QR code can only be used in one pass (entry or exit).

When you add your employees via cloud-based software, they can create QR codes on the mobile application and perform their entry/exit transactions. QR codes are created only according to the location in it and are read by a QR code reader placed in the environment. After the QR code is verified, the transition is allowed. All these transition logs can be reported online.

Benefits of QR Code Pass System

QR code access systems bring many benefits.

  • Eliminates magnetic card dependency. Eliminates difficulties such as losing or reprinting cards.
  • Since the QR code is created digitally, the data in it can be changed. It provides flexibility as a technology.
  • Since it is located on a cloud-based basis, it can be accessed from any environment.
  • It is possible to offer many other services through the mobile application.
  • Visitor management processes can proceed with QR code support.
  • As a result; Access systems do not require large hardware investments. With our cloud-based solution, you can manage the entry/exit processes of both your employees and visitors with a QR code as a monthly subscription.

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