Employee sign in/sign out

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Location specific QR code

The QR code created in the system for that location is printed and placed in the reception/security/entry area. The employee can perform sign in/sign out operations by scanning this QR code with the mobile application.
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Employee-specific QR code

By integrating with existing turnstiles or card access systems, QR codes created specifically for each employee can be read by readers to be integrated into these systems, allowing entry and exit from turnstiles or gates.
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Location verification

While the employee is within the location area defined in the system (with location verification), he/she can log in/out from the mobile application. This operation cannot be performed outside the location.
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Remote work support

Your team members can enter/exit from their homes or places they want by defining their remote work locations via Gir-in.
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Multiple location support

With the mobile application, you can sign in/sign out in multiple locations. You can define your team and locations and set the authorizations easily.
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Advance reporting

You can easily access the sign in/ sign out records of your employees and get detailed reports.