Visitor Management

Visitor pre-registration

You can start the visiting process with a specially designed e-mail invitation message that you will send to your visitors in advance. You can create invitations via or mobile application.

Visitor notifications

When the visitor chooses whom to visit while creating a login record, the person to be contacted is informed by an e-mail or SMS.

Visitor Photos

If you're meeting someone for the first time, their photo will be included in your email notifications when your visitor arrives. So you know exactly who to greet at the reception.

Modern visitor cards

You can create cards that contain visitor information, suitable for the corporate texture, and present them to your visitors.

Self-service visitor registration

The visitor can register his own visitor with the self-service tablet at the reception. It can approve the KVKK texts.
Tam Kontrol

Health and Safety Policies

You can inform your visitors about the issues they need to know. You can provide your visitor with information about your company's ISG and KVKK policies.

Invite your visitors in bulk

Have a large audience? It's very easy to do. Add the visitor information as an excel file to Enter-in. Invitations will be sent automatically.

Get detailed reports

You can access the records of visitors to your office online from anywhere. Thus, you can analyze and improve visitor processes.

Integration capability

You can connect Gir-in to popular applications such as MS Exchange or Slack with its integration capabilities that are improving every day.