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An affordable, efficient and convenient mobile platform for managing living space

You don't need to use separate services to manage employee checkin/checkout, visitor, survey, cargo, tasks and events. Gir-in offers them all in one package.


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You can make your checkin/checkout
with Gir-in mobile application


You can enable employees to do their checkin/checkout processes via the mobile application. You can create a secure checkin/checkout process with QR codes created with location verification. No hardware needed!

You can easily manage
visit processes

Yasal Belge

With Gir-in; You can invite the visitors online, the information required to be made within the scope of OHS, KVKK, etc. before the visit. You can easily handle the transactions, make controls in accordance with health and safety measures, and enable your visitors to check-in with no contact and fast check-in.

In short, you can easily and reliably manage and monitor visitor processes end-to-end with cloud and mobile-based Gir-in.

You can get feedback
with surveys

Yasal Belge

You can define as many surveys as you want, share them with anyone you want, and collect feedback.

Deliver deliveries
quickly and easily

Yasal Belge

Incoming deliveries reach their owners easily with our QR code solutions.

Easily track
assigned tasks online

Yasal Belge

Scan QR code and complete your mission. It's easy to complete a task using the Gir-in mobile app.

Easily create events,
communicate warmly with your participants.

Yasal Belge

You can easily invite your participants to your events and manage all your processes through the mobile application.