"Thanks to Gir-in, we can control who enters the school at what time intervals and plan our strategy thanks to this data" Saruhan Batur, Genel Müdür

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Mobile, Staff Sign in - Sign out

You can enable your staffs to make their sign in and sign out via a mobile application. You can create a secure sign in / sign out process with QR codes and location verification.

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A New Way for Visitor Management System

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Yasal Belge

A Useful Survey Management System

You can create as many questions as you want, and turn these questions into a survey. You can easily collect feedbacks through surveys with QR code support.

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An Easy Cargo Management System

You can easily track your incoming and outgoing cargos through a single module. You can manage processes from the delivery of the cargo to its owner.

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Yasal Belge

An Advanced Task Management System

You can create the areas and tasks you want to follow and assign them to the relevant people. These tasks can be periodic tasks such as daily, weekly, monthly, or instant tasks. Monitor the entire field on the cloud without the need for any hardware.

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A Flexible Event Management System

Create your events and send invitations to your participants easily. Participants can enter the event with QR codes. Watch your events online.

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Yasal Belge

QR Coded ,Document Management System

You can provide an easy access to the files you want to be accessible within the facility. (video, document, etc.) Now documents and contents are just a QR code scan away.

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